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The Flex rental is NOT available on during the season from 15/7 to 22/9.

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Kite Kurse

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  Surf Service
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Please note as a windsurfing club we offer holidays to windsurfers. Our policy, with the exception of children, is to have a minimum ratio of one to one windsurfers to non-windsurfers.
If you are booking late, some of our windsurf boards may have been reserved already. In that case would be right to you type at comments field a secondary option.

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Handrina studios EZ           DZ            DZ mit Zustellbett
Handrina apartment 2 Erwachsene 2 Erwachsene/1 Kind    2 Erwachsene/2 Kinder
Villa Stelida 2-4 personen  5-6 personen   7 personen

An-abreise nach Naxos


There are just one or two flights per day to Naxos of small turboprop 32seaters. So the seats would have been booked quite early. For that have in mind a second travel option.

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Local road transfers


Let us know if you wish to have a taxi waiting you upon your arrival at Naxos port / airport and then at the end of your holiday to transfer you back to Naxos port or airport

Ι would like to book port/airport transfers


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